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Your chance to drink what The Wine Giant is drinking. Weekly previews/reviews will accompany all of the wines in each case and you will also have the chance to submit your own scores and reviews for each wine.

The case being sampled and reviewed over the next 12 weeks comes from The Wine Society. If you are already a member order your case containing the bottles below and if not - join! You won't regret it, The Wine Society are awesome.

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Perfection. Hell's teeth this is amazing. Manna from heaven has nothing on this wine. Ultimate taste bud (and everything else) arousal achieved. Don't talk to me whilst I'm drinking this, I'm having an out of body experience. Tony Yeboah vs Liverpool levels of brilliance.


Good grief. I don't remember how great my first snog was but it was probably this good. Life changing but not quite perfect. An Ian Bell cover drive that is stopped cms away from the boundary.


Really very good. Impressed and would be extremely happy to drink again. Imagine Rob Key's 200 vs the West Indies - very high quality and absolutely nothing wrong with it but, just like the Windies bowling attack that day, something a little short of world class.


Decent, very drinkable, does the job required of it very well but lacking star quality. It's basically a bassist. I'd have it again but wouldn't want to pay more than a tenner for it.


Listen. I've got no major complaints here, we've had a perfectly nice time and I think you're clearly a good person. Just no spark. Probably a first and last date, unless one or other of us gets desperate in a year's time.


This wine is better than no wine, but its tone is a little condescending and leaves a slightly unwelcoming aftertaste. Does the job but rather loutish and unrefined.


A bit rank. Maybe it's the wine or maybe it's something insidious in my personal life that is leaving a bitter after taste. Let's blame this crappy wine rather than introspect.


Even if I were told this was a 1968 Petrus I couldn't pretend to like it. Would probably taste better if it were corked.


Into daytime park drinking territory now. The smell of rotten leaves and sinsemilla permeate the bouquet of this really confrontational wine. Might shank you for 20 Marlboro Lights.


Ouch. Like a river of racist fans punching your gums and booing your tongue while it takes the knee. This does not offer hints of petrol like a really good riesling. It actually is petrol.


I opened the bottle but it was empty

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